Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc., an Ohio licensed private investigation agency (#200621001041) offers nationwide (excluding Kentucky and Illinois) bail enforcement services to recover, arrest, and return individuals for whom you posted bond (cash, property, or surety) to the jurisdiction from which they fled in exchange for an "arrest fee" of 10-20% of the total bond that you posted plus agreed upon expenses.

You do not have to pay the 10-20% "arrest fee" until the person is arrested by Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc. or our authorized agent, arrested by a law enforcement agency, detained in a medical or mental health facility, voluntarily surrenders to law enforcement, or you are provided with a certified copy of the subject's death certificate.

If you wish to contract with Official Investigations and Security Services, Inc. to arrest your fugitive, please complete the following two forms: Authorization to Arrest Form and Bail Bond Defendant Information Form and mail them back to



PO Box 531523

Cincinnati OH 45253-1523


We must have the original notarized forms and a certified copy of the warrant or statement of bond revocation in my possession before I may arrest the individual pursuant to Ohio law.