When we finally called Michael for help things broke loose immediately!!

We had been spinning our wheels searching for David (4yrs old) for a few months and I knew if we were ever going to find him we needed professional help, at a price we could afford!

Now I thank God and Michael everyday as we spend time with David and catch up on all the important things in life we were all missing! going to the park, reading books, going to the pumpkin farm, riding bikes, walking the dog! once we turned to Michael for help almost everyday we had some new information that got us closer to getting him home safely. We were also taken seriously by the Judge and the courts as well. It made a big difference with police and government officials. They knew you were serious and willing to do it right.

Thank you Michael! What a difference you have made in a little boys life!!


Kim Kempke

On the recovery of her boyfriend's son, David.

Cincinnati, OH

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